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    We empower people with anonymity, rewards for correct answers, self governance, and publisher transparency to reveal the collective truth. Please fill your profile, answer polls truthfully, and report abuse.

    Together we can have fun, know the truth, and save money on the things we want.

    The Team at Vote Frenzy


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Vote Frenzy - Real World Games

Play with friends that share your passions. Win discounts, gifts & prizes

Vote on polls about music, TV & radio shows, sports events, fashion, news & more to win.

Best of all there are no purchase requirements!

Vote, Play & Win Everyday

Instant Feedback Vote, Get Real Answers Tired of fake news & media bias?
Get truth from the crowd.
Create & answer free mobile polls.
Instant Feedback Play Game Frenzy Play vs. friends or the entire world.
Answer polls, comment & share to win.
Scoreboards show who's the boss!
Instant Feedback Win Special Rewards Win local coupons.& gifts & more.
Give & get coupons with polls.
Coupons were never more fun!

How It Works:

Ask & answer polls for fun, answers, savings.

By answering polls & playing poll-games on Vote Frenzy app, you get discounts on things you want and can compete for gifts and prizes. There are no annual subscription fees, no artificial limits, and no bait & switch purchase requirements.

Just answer polls, and if you have a question for your family, friends, employees, community or the world - there is no reason not to ask using the app and reward them for answering with local coupons you selct from our coupon marketplace.

Find topics, follow people & brands you like

Follow people and brands that share & support your passion. Answer polls to express your opinion, compete for prizes, and to win awards associated with your interests.

Influencers get free mobile games & store

If your a podcaster, Instagramer, Youtuber, TiK-Toker or other social media creator you can extend your current content and brand with VF games. Create a branded mobile game that grows traffic, engagement, and subscribers. You'll also get a game-store to sell your branded merch (Don't have any merch? - no worries we make merch for you!) Give your content business game and make it more fun, interesting & financially rewarding for your audience, guests, and sponsors. You'll make alot more money directly selling your/guests/sponsor products than just talking about them!

If your are a podcaster or podcast producer check out this 90 sec. explainer video on how Vote Frenzy can help you Podcaster Explainer Video

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