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What is Vote Frenzy?

Vote Frenzy is a mobile application that enables you to ask poll questions, get poll answers, and win special discounts and prizes for playing poll games. The polls, games and rewards may be global, or available at specific locations such as a city, school campus, retail store or a sports stadium.

Is Vote Frenzy Free?

Not only is it free, using Vote Frenzyyou save money on products and services from local businesses and online that you may want to buy

Do I need to qualify for deals or buy anything to get rewards?

No, all you need to do is answer the poll question(s) to win coupons, gifts and prizes. You will never answer questions only to later discover you do not qualify. We do not support bait & switch games

Are my profile data and votes private?

Yes, your identity and poll votes are anonymous. Rewards are personalized based on your profile and poll responses. See next question for exceptions

Is any of my profile information ever shared?

No, your information is kept private. The only exception is your valid email is shared with a vendor so they can contact you to organize the delivery of a gift reward. Your valid email is not shared when you win a coupon

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