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Vote Frenzy delivers:

  • Free mobile polling with no limits on polls or responses
  • Free private & public research and mobile couponing
  • Gamification of events, content and the customer journey
Pricing Free Free Contact Us (Revenue share)
Packaging Mobile app Cloud Service Cloud Service
Platforms IOSAndroid Web Web
Question limits Unlimited Polls Unlimited Polls & Surveys Unlimited Polls & Surveys
Response limits (Public & Private) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User licences Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Voting on polls individual
Poll creation builder individual business broadcasters
Poll targeting individual business broadcasters
  • By location
individual business broadcasters
  • By followers/friends
individual business broadcasters
  • By email (Private)
Manuel Unlimited (Bulk) Unlimited (Bulk)
Social profile creation individual business broadcasters
Picture & video poll content individual business broadcasters
Create news-reader polls individual
Select & attach local coupons individual business broadcasters
Poll comment controls individual
Social sharing of polls individual
Play competitive poll games individual
Win special coupons individual
Win prizes & grand prize individual
Social sharing of coupons individual
Awards Inbox filtering/sorting individual
Community quality auditing individual
Management dashboards business broadcasters
Poll & game branding individual business broadcasters
Audience creator & library business broadcasters
Hyper-targeting audiences business broadcasters
Private polling individual business broadcasters
  • Bulk email upload (.CSV)
business broadcasters
  • Public & private audiences
individual business broadcasters
Advertising creator & library business broadcasters
Rewards creator & libraries business broadcasters
  • Coupons & gifts
business broadcasters
  • Point game rewards
business broadcasters
Campaigns wizard business broadcasters
Set Ads campaigns business broadcasters
  • Host 3rd party Ads
    (Required on mobile app)
individual business broadcasters
  • Host 3rd party coupons
    (Required on mobile app)
individual business broadcasters
Set public & private games business broadcasters
  • Set game privacy
business broadcasters
  • Set notifications
business broadcasters
  • Set results & social sharing policies
business broadcasters
  • Set rewards & grand prize(s)
business broadcasters
Poll, campaign, coupon reporting
(Distribution & redemption reporting)
business broadcasters
Email invitation services
(Requires certification)
business broadcasters
Administrative controls business broadcasters
Email support individual business broadcasters
Live Call-Back services
(App user must approve)
Real-Time reporting broadcasters
MSP agency services broadcasters
  • Client campaign dashboards
  • Single client sign on
Audience monetization broadcasters

Compare Vote Frenzy’s Value:

Highlights of competitive limitations:

  • Social marketing platforms make your data insights available to your competition undermining your success
  • Social marketing platforms control all advertising & provide minimal vote integrity & privacy controls
  • Survey vendors are expensive, limit answer volume, private polls & demand and force upgrades for branding
  • Coupon vendors demand steep discounts and charge up to 50% of incremental sales undermining ROI
Customer Journey Management
Vote Frenzy
Social Marketing Platforms
Search Streaming Social
Coupon Vendors
Survey Vendors
Basic Mobile Services
Mobile Ads
Basic Polling
Basic Coupons
Truth, Privacy, Data Integrity
Community not central management
Voter anonymity protections
Vote integrity IT fraud protection
Enhanced Mobile Polling
FREE & Unlimited questions & answers
FREE & Unlimited private polls
FREE & Unlimited mobile coupons
Context aware Ads
Automated smart coupons rewards
Your sponsors Ads & Coupons
Mobile Social Game Campaigns
FREE & Unlimited mobile games
App & social media action points
Coupon & gifts rewards
Grand prize
Business Models
Ad revenue share
Agency MSP tools
Control sponsor coupons
Control sponsors ads

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