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Business FAQ


What is Vote Frenzy (VF) ?

Vote Frenzy (VF) helps organizations entertain, educate, and economically reward audiences to accomplish their goals through branded mobile polls and games.

Vote Frenzy’s integrated suite of audience engagement services motivate people to express and share their opinions by rewarding authentic votes/opinions with discounts on desired products and services.

With Vote Frenzy organizations :

  1. Ask a specific audience what they want*
  2. Automatically give them it at a discount

*Note: What your audience wants can be your offers, or those of another organization. If you sell another organizations products in your game you make a sales commission.


Why do people & organizations use Vote Frenzy?

Vote Frenzy(VF) entertains, educates, and economically rewards consumers. People use it because it is fun, intellectually stimulating, and saves them money on things they want to buy.

Organizations use Vote Frenzy because it provides actionable feedback from highly curated audiences and automates a response to drive desired outcomes. In addition the gamified user experience elevates the frequency of brand engagement and increases goodwill.

What is Vote Frenzy’s mission?

Vote Frenzy belief is that for humanity to advance we need a shared truth, not a version of the truth conditioned by selfish bias of any entity – including ourselves.

VF mission is to make truth available to everyone by making quantifiable market research free. By enabling everyone’s to get answers to their questions for free, and commercially rewarding truthful responses in a fun way, we are building a commercially sustainable system for the delivery of the truth. A system that empowers everyone to access the truth and then use it to make better decisions to improve our collective lives.

Can you tell me about Vote Frenzy the company?

Vote Frenzy started in 2016 by two Arizona businessmen. The company is funded principally by a very successful entrepreneur. It is a private venture founded, managed, and wholly owned by a team with professional backgrounds in finance, real-estate, hospitality, religion, telecommunications, and information technology. The company is structured as an efficient modern company with a distributed executive management team in the USA, and global IT support teams. This business structure permits a high degree of cost control, capacity to partner, and business agility to respond (pivot) to address market forces. While not actively seeking investment, the company is always willing to entertain partnering discussions that are mutually rewarding.

What types of organizations can benefit from using Vote Frenzy.

Any organizations seeking to better understand their customers’ needs and more efficiently grow sales can benefit from using Vote Frenzy.

The integrated suite of functions are particularly well suited to:
* Digital marketing agencies seeking to expand and differentiate their service offers
* Creators (Influencer marketers) seeking to grow sponsorship and monetize their audience
* TV/ Radio/ Internet content broadcasters/ podcasters/ publishers wanting to drive deeper engagement & increase sponsorship
* Employers wanting to better understand their employees or train & educate staff in a fun way.
* Budget conscious organizations that need free insights and promotion. Including: educational institutions, nonprofits, community & government funded organizations, startups.

Net: Any organizations seeking to be a market data driven entity can benefit from a free & unlimited research platform that entertains, educates, and economically rewards their prospects and followers.

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