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  • Events
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Business FAQ


What is Vote Frenzy?

Vote Frenzy is an integrated suite of crowd engagement services that combines the most popular mobile app categories (games, couponing, and social) into a UX that transform the customer journey with hyper-targeted mobile:
* polls to deliver insights
* ads to build awareness
* polls that drive consideration
* Coupons that expedite purchase
* games that drive frequency of brand engagement.

Is Vote Frenzy just a Mobile Polling service?

No, Vote Frenzy is an integrated suite of mobile: polling, ads, couponing and social gaming services designed to help businesses increase engagement, sales, and brand loyalty.

Is Vote Frenzy Mobile Polling Free?

Yes, traditional mobile polling delivery services of Vote Frenzy are 100% free and unlimited. Organizations can ask as many questions as they desire and can receive as many responses at no cost. There are no limits on polling. Vote Frenzy also offers enhanced mobile polling services.

What are “Enhanced” Mobile Polls ?

Enhanced polls are optional mobile services that extend the value of mobile polls. Vote Frenzy’s integrated suite of mobile services includes targeted polls, advertising, coupon delivery, and gaming. Together these services make mobile polling free, make poll responses actionable, and they work collectively to expedite the customer journey

Traditional Polling Enhanced Mobile Polling
Platform Desktop Web Based Native Mobile Apps
End User Experience Text & academic Multimedia & Fun
Cost Subscription Free, No Subscriptions
Usage Limited Unlimited (Polls & Responses)
Support for Customer Journey
Customer Insights Yes, panel based Yes, hyper-targeted social
Build Awareness No Yes, with ads
Facilitate Consideration No Yes, with product polls
Increase Sales No Yes, with mobile coupons
Increase loyalty No Yes, with competitive games

What is Social Proof?

Many organizations create content to help support the sales of their products. Unfortunaly every effort is met with skepticism due to the inherent bias and self interest in all such collateral. Social Proof is 3rd party evidence provided by unbiased persons that validate the marketing claims of an organization and counter any manipulative marketing tactics. Vote Frenzy is a crowd driven platform that creates social proof. It enables organizations to engage prospects directly for their opinion and publish & share that crowd opinion on social networks. Vote Frenzy is also working behind the scenes to counter attempts to manipulate voting. Vote Frenzy will brand polls that adhere to professional standards of objectivity and conduct and make the methods and results part of immutable decentralized dataset to make the truth evident to everyone

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