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Business FAQ


Why do people use Vote Frenzy?

Vote Frenzy(VF) enables people to ask questions, share their opinions, and get discounts on things they are passionate about.

People use VF because they are naturally curious and social. In addition, the service is entertaining, educational, as-well-as emotionally & economically rewarding.

Net, everyone likes to share their passions and get discounts on things they need and want.

What is Vote Frenzy (VF) ?

VF is an audience engagement service. It helps organizations grow insights and sales to increase profits through fun branded mobile polls and games.

Using VF organizations create multimedia polls and poll-games on VF’s web service. The polls and games are delivered to the VF mobile app(s).

VF (public and private) polls are hyper-targeted and 100% anonymous. Answering polls and other in app actions are rewarded with coupons, gifts and points. game players that earn the most points fastest can win prizes at different point levels or win an entire game and the grand prize(s).

How does Vote Frenzy deliver a mobile customer journey?

Vote Frenzy combines the most popular mobile app categories (games, couponing, and social) into a UX that transforms the customer journey with hyper-targeted mobile:
* polls to deliver insights
* ads to build awareness
* polls that drive offer consideration
* Coupons that expedite purchase
* games that drive frequency of brand engagement.

The service turns audience insights into sales.

What types of organizations can benefit from using Vote Frenzy.

Any organizations seeking to better understand their customers needs and more efficienly grow sales can benefit from using Vote Frenzy.

The integrated suite of functions are particularly well suited to:
* Digital marketing agencies seeking to expand and differentiate their service offers
* Creators (Influencer marketers) seeking to grow sponsorship and monetize their audience
* TV/ Radio/ Internet content broadcasters/ podcasters/ publishers wanting to drive deeper engagement & increase sponsorship
* Employers wanting to better understand their employees or train & educate staff in a fun way.

Net: Any organizations seeking to be a market data driven entity can benefit from a free & unlimited research platform.

Is Vote Frenzy Mobile Polling Free?

Yes, traditional mobile polling delivery services of Vote Frenzy are 100% free and unlimited. Organizations can ask as many questions as they desire and can receive as many responses at no cost. There are no limits on polling. Vote Frenzy also offers enhanced mobile polling services.

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