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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Vote Frenzy (VF) ?

Vote Frenzy (VF) helps organizations entertain, educate, and economically reward audiences to accomplish their goals through branded mobile polls and games.

Vote Frenzy’s integrated suite of audience engagement services motivate people to express and share their opinions by rewarding authentic votes/opinions with discounts on desired products and services.

With Vote Frenzy organizations :

  1. Ask a specific audience what they want*
  2. Automatically give them it at a discount

*Note: What your audience wants can be your offers, or those of another organization. If you sell another organizations products in your game you make a sales commission.


Why do people & organizations use Vote Frenzy?

Vote Frenzy(VF) entertains, educates, and economically rewards consumers. People use it because it is fun, intellectually stimulating, and saves them money on things they want to buy.

Organizations use Vote Frenzy because it provides actionable feedback from highly curated audiences and automates a response to drive desired outcomes. In addition the gamified user experience elevates the frequency of brand engagement and increases goodwill.

What is Vote Frenzy’s mission?

Vote Frenzy belief is that for humanity to advance we need a shared truth, not a version of the truth conditioned by selfish bias of any entity – including ourselves.

VF mission is to make truth available to everyone by making quantifiable market research free. By enabling everyone’s to get answers to their questions for free, and commercially rewarding truthful responses in a fun way, we are building a commercially sustainable system for the delivery of the truth. A system that empowers everyone to access the truth and then use it to make better decisions to improve our collective lives.

Can you tell me about Vote Frenzy the company?

Vote Frenzy started in 2016 by two Arizona businessmen. The company is funded principally by a very successful entrepreneur. It is a private venture founded, managed, and wholly owned by a team with professional backgrounds in finance, real-estate, hospitality, religion, telecommunications, and information technology. The company is structured as an efficient modern company with a distributed executive management team in the USA, and global IT support teams. This business structure permits a high degree of cost control, capacity to partner, and business agility to respond (pivot) to address market forces. While not actively seeking investment, the company is always willing to entertain partnering discussions that are mutually rewarding.

What types of organizations can benefit from using Vote Frenzy.

Any organizations seeking to better understand their customers’ needs and more efficiently grow sales can benefit from using Vote Frenzy.

The integrated suite of functions are particularly well suited to:
* Digital marketing agencies seeking to expand and differentiate their service offers
* Creators (Influencer marketers) seeking to grow sponsorship and monetize their audience
* TV/ Radio/ Internet content broadcasters/ podcasters/ publishers wanting to drive deeper engagement & increase sponsorship
* Employers wanting to better understand their employees or train & educate staff in a fun way.
* Budget conscious organizations that need free insights and promotion. Including: educational institutions, nonprofits, community & government funded organizations, startups.

Net: Any organizations seeking to be a market data driven entity can benefit from a free & unlimited research platform that entertains, educates, and economically rewards their prospects and followers.

This FAQ is cool, but do you have a cool explainer video?

Yes we do. Here is the link:



Why are podcasters/ influencers embracing Vote Frenzy?

Today only 2/10 podcasters last more than a year. Why? Because most podcast hosts are subject matter experts, and their content only appeals to a narrowly defined audience. Yet, the advertising revenue they rely upon is based on a one-to-many broadcast paradigm. Smaller audiences do not generate enough revenue via advertising to make producing a standard podcast economically sustainable.

To address this problem, Vote Frenzy empowers podcasters to make more money by expanding their revenue sources beyond advertising into retail sales. Instead of being just low paid brand evangelists (Advertisers); podcasters using Vote Frenzy can directly sell their own products and services and those of their show guests and sponsors for profit. These profits are exponentially larger than what is available via advertising alone.

In addition to generating retail revenue, Vote Frenzy provides free and unlimited digital research, advertising, sales and promotion services. This (> $1000/month in marketing services value) increases margin and scales their business to drive even more profits and revenue.

What are "Real World Games"

Most gamification today delivers virtual experiences where players purchase, or are rewarded with, virtual rewards (a special weapon, a treasure chest….). Other gamification efforts consists of “spin the wheel” or other parlor games. VF games are different.

With VF player engagement (answering polls, comments, forwarding polls/coupons) is rewarded with real discounts on real products & services from real organizations and can earn players real prizes.

While players of VF games get discounts and win prizes. Organizations get unique insights to help make data driven decisions, they organically increase traffic to their stores/sites, they leverage social evangelism to reduce marketing & sales costs. They get more sales.

Real world games are entertaining, but they are also informative, and economically rewarding.

How does Vote Frenzy automate & grow sales?

When a creator builds a game on Vote Frenzy, they define the location, time, audience, and the rewards (sales incentives) received for answering poll(s). This allows game creators to automate a specific sales motion based on a place, person, and poll response (expressed preference). This automation allows for greater specificity/relevancy in price promotions to increase the probability of sales conversion. More simply – with Vote Frenzy games you:

1- Ask a curated audience what they like/want

2-Offer them it at a discount for a limited time

3-Eanble them to buy it now

All of this is automated.

Is Vote Frenzy (VF) a type of click funnel?

VF is a suite of integrated audience engagement services. Like a click funnels VF service guides qualified prospects down a designed multimedia journey that entertains and educates prospects to drive sales. Unlike click funnels VF is a more interactive gamified experince that yields more value for organizations. The incremental value of VF includes support for digital & physical touchpoints, hyper segmentation of participants including private game “funnels”, gamified user experince, audience insights, dynamic real time audience curation, organic social evangelism, sales automation, automated product development, dynamic price promotion, and ecommerce services. Net, VF is a powerful sales automation to that can be used in conjunction with click funnels or as a fully independent solution.

Is Vote Frenzy Mobile Polling Free?

Yes, traditional mobile polling delivery services of Vote Frenzy are 100% free and unlimited. Organizations can ask as many questions as they desire and can receive as many responses at no cost. There are no limits on polling. Vote Frenzy also offers enhanced mobile polling services.

Does Vote Frenzy lower customer aquisition costs (CAC)?

Vote Frenzy (VF) offers a suite of marketing services for free. These integrated processes  streamline operations to reduce CAC and time to market (TTM). Standalone services that VF offers for free include email recruitment services, market research, audience segmentation, advertising (limited volume), unlimited polling & surveys, mobile couponing, an ecommerce store, UX gamification, sales automation. Aggregated theses standalone services represent up to $1200/month of value. VF eliminates these marketing services costs to reduce the CAC of organizations and then only charges a commission on sales made.

Do Vote Frenzy games come with a free ecommerce store?

Yes. Organizations that publish games receive a free ecommerce store. VF also helps populate their game store with their own branded print on demand merchandise.


Does Vote Frenzy offer affiliate marketing revenue?

Yes, organizations using Vote Frenzy campaign management system can register as an affiliate and earn passive income for new referrals that create VF games.

How does Vote Frenzy differ from other ecommerce influencer programs?

VF  differs from standard influencers  ecommerce programs in the following ten ways: VF:

  1. Does not disqualify influencers based on low follower count
  2. Discounts every purchase for your fans & followers
  3. Helps you make and sell your own branded merchandise (no limits on what you sell)
  4. Provides 2X to 5X higher sales commissions
  5. Does not make your wait 60-90 days to be paid
  6. Does not have a 24-hour commission expiration policy
  7. Enables you to regulate access to your store
  8. Gamifies the shopping making it fun & educational
  9. Does not promote competition or exclude products
  10. Provides insights that improve content and grow sales

In summary, VF provides all influencers more tools to help them better recruit, understand, engage and monetize their followers.

If Vote Frenzy is free why do you ask for a credit card to use the system?

To provide a good member experince we use our terms of services agreement, social auditing, a valid credit card, and network diagnostics to govern/regulate content and account integrity.

Specifically, individuals with a valid credit card and valid corporate email are much less likely to engage in behavior detrimental to the social good. They are much more likely to honor the terms of the service agreement. Personal contractual accountability helps regulate behavior and helps protects our members from offensive content and criminal fraud.

If you respect the terms of service standards you will not see a charge on your card unless you decide to purchase advertising or products on VF.

Why am I getting a "Not Available" notification when I am trying to use some game campaign services?

The most likely reason is you have not yet provided a valid credit card or it has expired. Note: providing your card number does not result in a fee or charge. It is used to authenticate your account, provide access to specific services, ensure compliance with the terms of service to better ensure our members experince.

If you have provided a valid card but still get the error email support@votefenzy.com for help.

What are “Enhanced” Mobile Polls ?

Enhanced polls are optional mobile services that extend the value of mobile polls. Vote Frenzy’s integrated suite of mobile services includes targeted polls, advertising, coupon delivery, and gaming. Together these services make mobile polling free, make poll responses actionable, and they work collectively to expedite the customer journey


Traditional Polling Enhanced Mobile Polling
Platform Desktop Web Based Native Mobile Apps
End User Experience Text & academic Multimedia & Fun
Cost Subscription Free, No Subscriptions
Usage Limited Unlimited (Polls & Responses)
Support for Customer Journey
Customer Insights Yes, panel based Yes, hyper-targeted social
Build Awareness No Yes, with ads
Facilitate Consideration No Yes, with product polls
Increase Sales No Yes, with mobile coupons
Increase loyalty No Yes, with competitive games

What is Social Proof?

Many organizations create reference/ existing customer content to help support the sales of their products. Unfortunaly every effort is met with skepticism due to the inherent bias and self interest in all such marketing collateral.

Social Proof is 3rd party evidence provided by unbiased persons that validate the marketing claims of an organization and counter any manipulative marketing tactics. The process of supplying feedback must be transparent to reveal any bias.

Vote Frenzy is a crowd driven platform that creates social proof. It enables organizations to engage audiences directly for their opinion and publish & share that crowd opinion on social networks. Votes are made public and cannot be altered by the game publisher.

Vote Frenzy is also working behind the scenes to counter attempts by bias parties to manipulate poll results. Voters get one anonymous vote and poll creators must identify themselves. Vote counts can also be made public, and voters can express their concerns publicly.

Vote Frenzy adheres to professional standards of objectivity and conduct. We make the methods and results part of an immutable decentralized dataset to make the truth evident to everyone.

What are limits of current social media polling?

Using current Social network polling tools is problematic due to:

* A lack of anonymity-privacy resulting in a politicized social response vs. the truth
* The ability to alter a vote after seeing the social data
* Spam, bad data, bot impersonation, fraud (Multiple votes that distort the truth)
* Poor reporting tools to inform decisions
* Limited context support (Photos, videos)
* Social bias due to proximity to editorial content in feeds
* An inherent inequality in the value exchanged with the publisher reaping the lions share of the rewards at the expense of the voter.

All these issues are addressed in Vote Frenzy.

Does Vote Frenzy add more value than other social media polling solutions?

Yes. Vote Frenzy differs in many important ways:
1. Authentic Insights: We protect anonymity. Publishers & administrators have no access to identity eliminating response bias.
2. Deeper Insights: Absolute anonymity & contractual permission empowers legal polling on key issues of race, ethnic origin, religious, political, or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation or lifestyle, physical and mental health, union membership or membership in a religious or political organization.
3. Data Exclusivity: Private polling empowers development of proprietary data sets for development of a competitive data advantage.
4. Sales Integration: use of responses to specific polls to inform advertising & automated coupon delivery increases sales.
5. Gamification: Support for multimedia & mobile competitive gaming makes polls interesting/fun resulting in deeper & longer brand engagement

Do people have to use a mobile app to vote ?

Yes, a mobile app enables secure and private voting, and ensures that poll results have integrity. Web page-based voting applications are easily defrauded at scale. The results is web-based solutions are not as reliable as an mobile app-based solution. Finally, Vote Frenzy’s mobile app provides more insights into your audience and enables social sharing, couponing, and gaming services that motivate engagement and sales to deliver more value than limited web based polling services.

How can I target Vote Frenzy polls?

With Vote Frenzy you can target audiences based on numerous criteria including any combination of the following


  • Time: When the polls and their rewards are available. (down to the second).
  • Place: Where polls& their rewards are available (Global, National, Campus, Stadium, Store(s))


  • Email: Only people on a named list of emails
  • Followers: Only sent to your followers on the App
  • Friends: Only sent to you follow and follow you on the App
  • Demographics: Who receives poll (Gender, Age and birth date).


  • Poll answers: Their answer to a question
  • Brands: Brands they love


How much does Vote Frenzy suite of services cost to use?

Service Offering Mobile App Web Service (Desktop)
Mobile ads NA Market rate
Mobile polls & analytics Free Free
Mobile rewards
Add 3rd party coupons Free Per partner agreement
Add custom coupon with analytics NA Pay per redeemed coupon
Gifts & Prizes NA Provided by client
Mobile games campaigns NA Free

How does Vote Frenzy make money?

Vote Frenzy makes money in several ways:
1.Free Model: Programmatic Ads from our partners are automatically associated with polls based on location and topical category to ensure relevancy and conversion.
2. Paid ADS: If an organization wants their own ads alongside their polls, they pay for that ad space at a rate consistent with the mobile advertising marketplace.
3. Commissions. Ultralow pay-for-performance sales commissions

How much do mobile ads cost on Vote Frenzy?

During our startup period, there is no fee for mobile ad delivery. All advertisers will be given a minimum of 3 months advance notice when fees will commence, and active campaigns and polls will remain free until they expire. Fees for the integrated delivery of polls, ads, coupons and games will be defined by market demand. We fully expect advertising rates to be close to the average market rate for mobile app ads.

Essentially your paying nothing at all, or the same rate as ads on other apps. However, in addition to building awareness you get all the added benefit of the poll insights, enhancement of your social media content, targeting your ads yourself, free distribution your/sponsor coupons (and the sales that result). Net, we supersize your marketing for free.

Can I control which ads and coupons are awarded for answering my polls?

Yes, mobile Poll, Ads, Coupons and Game Campaign wizards provide step by step guidance for the creation of Game Campaigns

Why should I give more valuable coupons away on Vote Frenzy?

Unlike other mobile coupon companies Vote Frenzy does not charge merchants for coupon distribution or demand a high % commissions on sales. In addition, Vote Frenzy provides for free:
* Actionable market insights/research
* Geofenced offers driving retail traffic
* Organic-player social media promotion
* Player curated coupon distribution
* Automated lead qualification & sales
* Opinion & purchase based retargeting
* Operational streamlining of the sales motion
* Gamification of the customer journey
* A free ecommerce store (Q122)

These new efficiencies (free services) across marketing & sales from use of Vote Frenzy empowers organizations to design and offer more compelling incentives to drive revenue and margin.

Can I award coupons only to new prospects ?

Yes, you can create a private game and confine it to only prospects on emails not in your current customer list. The prospects on this named list of emails will be the only people invited, and able to see/play your game. In this way you can limit the coupons, gifts, prizes in a specific game to a specific audience without cannibalizing current sales. You can also use Promocodes, Bar codes, and QR codes to track coupon use in your systems.

Can I advertise on the Vote Frenzy app without making polls?

Yes, Vote Frenzy will deliver your ads based on your targeting criteria to polls whose ad space has not been purchased by the poll author

Do I have to provide a coupon or reward with my poll?

No, but if you do not selector provide your own coupon reward then Vote Frenzy will automatically deliver a coupon from one of our partners for responses to your poll. All poll responses receive a coupon.

Can I distribute coupons without polls?

Yes and No 🙂 – Vote Frenzy policy does not currently support coupon distribution without polls. However, you can work with a game publisher and have them distribute your coupons. It is our hope that many organization will seek out influencers and creators and sponsor their games with their coupons and prizes to grow their business.

FYI – We have a big surprise for Q222 so make sure you register to be notified about how were changing the social media sharing landscape.

What does unlimited polling mean?

Unlimited means that that there are no limits on the number of polls you can create and publish, and no limits to the number of responses you can receive.

Are my polls private?

Polls and their results can be either public or private. Public polls are accessible to the whole world or every Vote Frenzy member that meets your filter criteria. Private polls are limited to your social followers, friends, or a email list of specific people. If you want to distribute polls to an email list, you need to use the web service and upload the email list audience. Only people on that email list will be able to see & play your game.

How do I recruit players to my game?

You ask them to play 🙂 ! and your followers/ game players help. Here are a few ways:

* Promote your VF game on your social media
Note: Games can reward players for sharing polls, games & coupons on social media. This transforms players into trusted brand evangelists. The result is more qualified game players and more sales.

Include QR code within your advertising
* Put your game QR code in your media advertising and marketing collateral

At a physical store or event
* Post your QR-URL code/widget on any collateral at your point-of-sale: In your window, at the counter, on a menu,
* Post your QR code on a poster, brochure, business cards

* Include a game link into your current emails
* Import an email list into VF email invite tool to notify by email

Website (S):
* Deploy VF polling web widget or QR/Link widgets to websites

The VF Mobile App
* Use new poll notification feature to push out an app notification to your followers
* Reward social poll sharing in your game

Does Vote Frenzy have an affiliate program? How are affiliate partners compensated?

Yes. Any individual or organization can become an affiliate member by registering as an organization at our website.

There are two affiliate program levels:

1. Referral Partners: They publish links that drive traffic to VF site. They share very modestly in advertising income made from active members that join as a result of their referral.

2. Agency Partners: They make VF games, and share in both ad revenue and earn commissions on sales made through the VF app. Income potential can be quite large.

Can I get the contact data of people that respond to my polls?

Vote frenzy does not broker any personally identifiable information without member permission. Contact information is only provided to facilitate the delivery of larger rewards.

Anonymity creates an environment of trust where members can be truthful in their responses to polls without fear of retribution. Any attempt to undermine or circumvent privacy controls is a violation of the terms-of-use agreement (contract law). Violation will result in punitive action including, but not limited to, loss of access and all associated poll information.

Can I control poll privacy?

  • Yes, you can control the audience, degree of poll engagement, and access to results
  1. Audience:
    1. Limit distribution of a poll to an area and time frame
    2. Limit to an email list you provide
    3. Limit to your followers on Vote Frenzy (Private Poll)
    4. Limit to an audience with specific demographic attributes and interests
  2. Engagement:
    1. You can control the ability to comment on a poll
  3. Results:
    1. You can hide the number of people that voted

You can hide the poll results

Can I track poll responses to a known individual?

No, voter privacy/ anonymity is protected contractually, technically, and operationally. Intentional efforts to violate voter privacy can result in forfeiture of all rights of use and all assets on VF infrastructure without appeal. It may also result in legal prosecution for violation of privacy law in the jurisdiction in which the publisher operates.

Are there anonymous polls? (no organization name)

No, every poll has an author and it is revealed to members that vote. Masking the author through an agency broker is possible to neutralized brand bias, but in most cases, it is discouraged. If an organization name is hidden with the intent to mislead or manipulate Vote Frenzy members it is a violation of the terms-of-services contract and may result in legal action. “Intent” is determined by Vote Frenzy, and judgments rendered are not subject to appeal or arbitration

What is Game Frenzy?

Game Frenzy is the name given to poll-games. Poll games integrate mobile polls, ads, coupons, and rewards into a campaign that can last for an extended period of time and include as many polls and rewards as you like

Are Vote Frenzy members screened and verified?

Vote Frenzy poll audiences are targeted by location ( down to 150′), their interests, time, demographics, relationship, and even opinion/ sentiment. They can also come from a verified named list of existing audiences (employees, partners, audience members, students in a class etc.) via a bulk email upload. Also, because coupons are aligned with polls (not money) you can rest assured only people interested in your organization, poll will engage your polls.

What kind of rewards can I provide for answering my polls?

Your rewards are only limited by your creativity, the laws of the area your polls are delivered, and Vote Frenzy’s Terms Of Services agreement that protects members from inappropriate content and organizational behavior.

For what actions on my Game Frenzy polls are points rewarded?

You can decide which actions receive rewards. The Point Award options for Game Frenzy polls include:

+ 200, Vote on a poll

+ 100, Comment on a poll

+50, Get a poll answer correct

+30, Repost a poll to your followers

+25, Share a poll on a social network (Facebook & Twitter)

Point Award values are the same for every game, but they may change over time and new outcome-based rewards options will be added. These options are designed to empower sales by aligning prospects interests, wants, and needs with your offers.

Can I define the amount of points rewarded for different actions taken on my polls?

  • No, but here is what you can define:
  1. The start and end date of the game
  2. The point level(s) a reward is earned
  3. The number of rewards distributed at a specific point level
  4. The point level(s) a grand prize is earned
  5. The number of grand prizes awarded

How is Vote Frenzy different than other companies offering polls, coupons, social media sharing, analytics, training?

We have a great features matrix in the “plans” area of our website, but here is a narrative on key points:

* were really free and unlimited – they are not
* social platforms are easily corrupted and a lack of anonymity undermines the expression of truth

* we do not strongarm you to offer huge coupons
* you control the audience, time, location, volume of coupons offered
* our pricing is a very low service commission. You do not pay unless you sell
* Our low COA (400% less) means margins with us are way-way-way better

* our poll responses are anonymous and private
* we provide insights you want
* we deliver relevant content
* we drive understanding, awareness AND sales
* we give you control of the branding and advertising adjacent your content
* we share more revenue with partners
* we are a game with great recruiting tools
* your data insights are yours not the entire communities. You can build a real competitive data advantage
* we offer private polls and targeting and retargeting features

* we are free
* we deliver actionable first party data
* we do not build a secret profile on people from 3rd party data and violate their trust and erode your brand
* we automate the action taken on the data to drive sales

* We are free and unlimited


How do I start?

  • To start:
  1. Send a valid business email via our website and agree to our terms of service
  2. You will receive a password and login instructions based on the email provided
  3. Fill out your organization profile
  4. Fill out the account administrator profile
  5. Start creating ads, polls, coupons, and game campaigns

What is a “Quick Poll”

Quick Polls are ad-hoc standalone polls that are not part of a game campaign. They also cannot be later added to a game campaign

How can I get Help?

  • There are tool tips denoted by“?” icons throughout the product
  • Email Support@VoteFrenzy.com

What are the main capabilities of Vote Frenzy's mobile app vs. the web service?

Capability Mobile App Web Service
Create mobile ads No Yes
Create enhanced mobile polls Yes Yes
Public audience targeting Yes Yes
Targeting followers Yes Yes
Private audience targeting No Yes
Audience hyper targeting Yes Yes
Create mobile coupons No Yes
Add a coupon to a poll Yes

  • (Select from list)

  • Select from list
  • Create your own
Create game campaigns No Yes
Email list poll Invitation No Yes
Bulk location targeting No Yes
Real time reporting & call back No Yes
Poll governance No Yes
Managed Service No Pending
More good stuffto Come Yes Yes

Where can I learn more about Vote Frenzy’s Mobile App and Customer Experience?

Visit the Vote Frenzy home page for an overview and the consumer help page for answers to popular questions and links to social media pages. When using the mobile app there are tooltips that help you complete your task. Finally, if you need assistance from Vote Frenzy you can email our support team at Support@VoteFrenzy.com

Do Vote Frenzy Polls & Games suffer from systemic bias?

Our members and game players do desire relevant coupons. But with over a billion people using mobile coupons this is hardly a distinction. Almost everyone wants a deal. Also, we have features like hyper-targeting, right-answer-rewards, and private polling (named lists) which empower poll & game creators to control who sees their polls, who receives coupons, and who plays their games. These features, coupled with absolute privacy assurance, greatly reduces/eliminates engagement and response bias.

Can people see my vote? what do they see?

Unlike most social networking services, Vote Frenzy voting is anonymous. The only exception to this is when a member enables the callback feature in their settings. Under that scenario an organization doing a live broadcast (Radio, TV, Podcast) can see individual votes associated with phone numbers. To protect our members using this callback feature, all organizations using Vote Frenzy must first contractually agree to privacy regulations. Despite technical & legal protection, we encourage all members to adopt a pseudonym (false name) and avatar (false image) when using the service.

What information is visible to game publishers or other VF members?

Only the pseudonym and general area (City, country if provided) the voter is visible. No information that can identify the voter is provided to other members using the mobile app.

Do polls I have voted on show up on my activity section?

Vote Frenzy does not create or provide a comprehensive voting activity report on any individual. We consider such aggregated reporting a massive violation of personal privacy.

Can polls be created both on mobile and desktop?

Vote Frenzy only supports poll creation on systems that support IOS and Android. For the most part these platforms are on phones and tablets. However, Microsoft plans to release a version of the Windows platform that supports running Android based apps on a personal computer. Under this scenario it will be potentially possible to use Vote Frenzy’s mobile app and all its features on a personal desktop/laptop computer running Windows. While this use case is intriguing, Vote Frenzy has not designed or tested its android app for use on the Windows platform.

How many answer options can a poll have?

Usability concerns aside up to 20 text responses could be potentially entered as options. Note however, that only 4 images are supported per poll. If you seek to have an image associated with each answer your limit is 4 answers with 4 corresponding images. Also, a single video can be associated with a poll.

How many times can a member vote on a poll?

Each member profile can only vote one time and their vote cannot be changed once it has been entered. To ensure answers are correct members are asked to confirm their votes. This policy is necessary because unlike other media platforms Vote Frenzy supports a rewards system that extends real economic value to our members from a variety of organizations creating games and offering vouchers and discounts.

Are there text character limits- how about Video?

Yes, poll questions and answers have a 160-character limit (see UI for any change), Videos limits are 60 seconds. Vote frenzy supports most all text, image, and video formats of popular social media platforms making it easy to repurpose content from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter…for use on Vote Frenzy as polls and in Vote Frenzy Games.

Can a poll created be edited?

No, once a poll is published on the mobile app it cannot be edited. Organizations that create polls using Vote Frenzy’s cloud-based content management service (CMS) should initially publish polls or game campaigns to a private audience (email list). This private audience can test the user experince and quality and edits can be made. Once the desired quality is achieved the poll can then be republished to the intended (public/private) audience.

Can I reopen a poll after the closing date?

Yes, you can reopen the poll to see the results.

Can organizations vote on a poll?

Yes, organizations are treated as members on the mobile app. They get one vote on every poll.

Can the author of the poll vote on their own poll?

Yes, they can. One time for each poll.

Can a member change or remove their vote?

No, once submitted a player receives their reward and their vote is permanent. They cannot vote multiple times to receive multiple coupons, gifts, points.

Will the author be notified of poll responses? Can the notification be turned off?

Not at this time, but a rich set of notification controls spanning polls, coupons, game status is currently being developed, and we expect them to be available in the 2nd half of the calendar year of 2021.

Who is notified when you create a poll?

An organizations friends and followers will be notified if they have opted into receiving push notifications. Vote Frenzy has rich recruiting & targeting tools for organizations that allow them to control who is invited, notified, and sees polls in their poll feed when they post a poll or launch a game.

Is there any content that’s off-limits?

Vote Frenzy’s terms of service agreement is a contract that outlines what is acceptable content and behavior. Generally, Vote Frenzy relies upon our community to report offensive content. Based on that reporting we have automated controls to minimize broad public exposure to material deemed as offensive to the general community. Organizations whose business operates within an area that is potentially offensive, or whose brand freely uses offensive language, are highly encouraged to use discretion, and maximize use of Vote Frenzy’s toolset. Vote Frenzy provides content creation, recruiting, and hyper targeting tools. There tools coupled with private polling better ensure the content published is aligned and respectful of specific audience’s needs & preferences. Violators of our terms of service that offend our members can have their accounts frozen and can be banned.

Can inappropriate or offensive polls be reported?

Yes, every poll on Vote Frenzy provides immediate access to reporting and blocking functions. We encourage people to report material they deem as offensive and to block people that regularly offend them. Your reporting and blocking empower the automated curation system to quickly identify and stop abuse of the platform.

Who determines what is published on Vote Frenzy?

Our members determine what is published. Enough reporting of a bad poll will result in its evaluation and potentially its removal. VF seeks to provide a platform for free yet responsible self expression. We seek to minimize VF arbitration and stoppage of a poll but socially irresponsible posts that could incite death or perpetuate hate will be removed.