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Consumers FAQ


What is Vote Frenzy?

A social gaming app that rewards players with special discounts & prizes for sharing their photo/videos and opinions.

Is Vote Frenzy Free?

Not only is it free, using Vote Frenzyyou save money on products and services from local businesses and online that you may want to buy

Do I need to qualify for deals or buy anything to get rewards?

No, all you need to do is answer the poll question(s) to win coupons, gifts and prizes. You will never answer questions only to later discover you do not qualify. We do not support bait & switch games

Are my profile data and votes private?

Yes, your identity and poll votes are anonymous. Rewards are personalized based on your profile and poll responses. See next question for exceptions

Is any of my profile information ever shared?

No, your information is kept private. The only exception is your valid email is shared with a vendor so they can contact you to organize the delivery of a gift reward. Your valid email is not shared when you win a coupon. Also vendors that use our service agree not to use or store your information for any purpose except delivery of your reward.

Do you take information off my phone?

No, many other apps are stealing contact names, web usage data, voice recordings, and getting data on you from other companies. That is unacceptable to us. We do not use covert surveillance tactics. We respect and protect your privacy. We make you anonymous, ask your opinion, and reward you for giving it. We treat you how we want to be treated.

Are my answers ever associated with my real identity?

No, your personal identity is always hidden. However, we do have a call-back service you can enable that might result in the host of a broadcast event calling your phone based on your poll response. You have full control over that feature in your settings tab. To protect your privacy the call-back feature default setting is “off”.

What organizations can use the “Call-back” feature?

The call-back capability can only be used by select companies that have been vetted by Vote Frenzy. These companies must sign an agreement that restricts their use of your phone number to call you to discuss your response to their poll. They can only ask for your first name and city location. They cannot keep your phone number and/or reverse lookup your phone number. They also cannot attempt to record your IP address to gain access to your identity

Should I use my real name as my username?

To ensure the utmost privacy we highly recommend to all members that they not use their real-life name. If you want to share your pseudonym with your friends or people you know that’s decision is up to you, but generally, we discourage the use of real names to permit you the freedom to answer any poll truthfully.

Why should I always respond truthfully to polls?

Lying on a poll results in you getting offers, coupons, and rewards that are not relevant to you. If you want to best ensure that the mobile coupons and other rewards you get are useful to you then you should respond truthfully. This is also why we ask you to confirm your votes.

Can I vote more than one time on a poll?

No, so make your one poll vote count!

What is Game Frenzy?

Game Frenzy is a place on the app where organizations reward you with special coupons, gifts and prizes for playing poll-games.

Why do people people play Game Frenzy?

Reasons to play include:

  1. To win special coupons not available in other places related to companies, categories and brands your passionate about
  2. To receive point-level rewards by responding correctly, commenting on, and sharing polls
  3. To learn more about something they care about through poll results and comments

To compare their knowledge vs. others that share their interest

How do I earn points to win rewards in Game Frenzy?

Points are rewarded for different actions taken on the mobile app. Here’s a list of the actions that earn points

+200            Vote on a poll

+ 100           Comment on a poll

+50               Get a poll answer correct

+30               Repost a poll to your followers

+25               Share a poll on a social network (Facebook & Twitter)

Point Award values are the same for every game, but they may change over time. In addition, new rewards may be added, and older ones subtracted. People using the app will be notified of significant changes

What type of rewards can I get on Vote Frenzy?

In-Game Frenzy the organization that creates the game determines the rewards and grand prize they want to give away. If the organization does not provide a coupon for a poll response Vote Frenzy will supply a coupon from one of our coupon partners.

When do I get rewards on Vote Frenzy?

Every time you answer a poll you receive a coupon in your awards box and points. In-Game Frenzy the organization that creates the game determines when their rewards are delivered.

Who is providing the rewards on Game Frenzy?

Coupon awards are provided by either the organization that created the poll or a Vote Frenzy partner. In-Game Frenzy, organizations that create the game can also provide their own coupons, rewards and grand prizes for their players.

How do I win a prize on Game Frenzy?

Players win prizes when they reach a specific reward point level in the shortest amount of time. Time is measured in seconds so there are no ties. The game creator (Not Vote Frenzy) provides the prizes, determines the number of points to win a prize, and how many prizes are going to be given away in their game. As an example: you might win a trip to a concert as a grand prize at 10,000 points and there might be 3 grand prizes given away. In that case, the first 3 people to get to 10,000 points win the grand prize. You can track your point level and status vs. other players on the game leaderboard.

How frequently will I get an award?

Every time you answer a poll you receive a coupon and points in your awards box. Larger Game Frenzy rewards are granted based on who earns the most points and is the fastest to reach an award at a specific point level(s).

How do I redeem a reward?

Coupons are redeemed at the point of sale. Game Frenzy reward winners are contacted by the game sponsor to determine how the reward will be delivered. Winners that provide inaccurate contact information may not be contacted and forfeit their rewards. For this reason, it is very important to provide and maintain accurate contact information.

How do I start?

  • To get started:
  1. Download the mobile app and register with a valid email.
  2.  Fill out your private profile.
  3.  Answer, comment, and create polls or play Game Frenzy

How do I find polls?

Your app home page or the search page are great places to find and answer polls on the things you are most interested in. On the home page, you can also see polls and games in your local area.

Do I need to scroll through coupons?

No, Vote Frenzy coupons find you based on your profile, location, category, and poll responses. Once you have earned coupons by answering polls you can use the search and filtering tools in your awards box to find and redeem them.

I have a small business should I use the mobile app or the web service?

For many small businesses and organizations doing Adhoc polls the mobile app is great. However, if you want greater insights, build awareness, drive consideration, and grow sales you will need to use the web service. Only use the web service from a desktop/ laptop computer using a standard secure browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Where can I learn more about Vote Frenzy’s business services?

Visit the Vote Frenzy Business page for an overview and the business help page for answers to popular questions and links to social media pages. When using the mobile app there are tooltips that help you complete your task. Finally, if you need assistance from Vote Frenzy you can email our support team at Support@VoteFrenzy.com